COVID-19 Deaths Spike In Karnataka, Health Minister Invokes God

By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated 16, 2020

With 87 deaths to COVID-19 recorded on Wednesday and taking the death toll to 388 in the last five days, Karnataka Health Minister B Sriramulu invoked God. He said curbing the spread of COVID-19 was not in anybody’s hands. “God alone can save us.”

Sriramulu said COVID-19 cases, the world over, are doubling indiscriminately. He said the cases are 100% going to increase. “You can say it is the government’s apathy, ministers’ irresponsibility or blame the lack of coordination among ministers for the spike in cases but it’s not in anybody’s hands,” the health minister said.

Two days ago, Sriramulu tweeted that everyday over 2,000 cases of COVID-19 are coming to the fore. “The number of cases will double in the next 15 to 30 days in Karnataka. The next two months are going to pose a big challenge to us.”

He also clarified that his ‘God alone can save us’ statement was to ‘invoke the God’s blessings’ and not out of desperation, and affirmed the government’s fight against the pandemic.

The number of fresh positive cases in Karnataka is now over 3,000, taking the state toward the 50,000 mark. Karnataka recorded its first case on March 8 and on June 24, it had over 10,000 cases.

Health officials are on alert as the death toll has become a major factor.

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