COVID-19 Awareness: Enjoy A Platter of “Face Mask Parotta”s and “Corona Bonda”

By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated July 9, 2020

Alert all foodies in Madurai. If you are bored dead of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, head out to Hotel Temple City’s Mattuthavani branch and enjoy a platter of ‘face mask parotta’ and ‘corona bonda’. Yes, you read it right!

Paratha lovers cannot resist a plate of 2 face mask parottas, shaped like two and three-ply masks, with two salnas and onion raita for Rs50. Then there’s the corona bonda which has onions sticking out from the bonda depicting coronavirus.

KL Kumar, the managing director of Temple City Group, said their idea was to create awarenesss after the spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in Chennai and Madurai.

“The other day whem my son and I were walking on the road we saw many people not wearing face masks. That is when my son said adurai is famous for parotta. Why don’t we make it in the shape of a face mask to create awareness?” Kumar said. “I thought it was a brilliant idea and spoke to my parotta master.”

Kumar and his hotel are renowned for their innovate ideas. In the past, they have prepared Rajinikanth’s Baba paneer butter masala dosa, Tendulkar dosa.

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