Coronavirus: What remains functional amidst the Lockdown 2.0?

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 16 2020

A nationwide lockdown has been set up, till 3rd May’2020. Despite a previous lockdown, for 21 days, the rise in the number of cases for the pandemic has been sharp and rising. Thus, in order to contain the pandemic, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation, urging all Indians to follow the lockdown rules stringently till 3rd May. However there will be some respite for various sectors as it involves various low wage earning members who can’t have enough affordability in order to provide for themselves and their families. Let us have a quick glance onto which all sectors will be open and functional. 

  • All the activities of the organisations outside the containment zone of COVID-19, and in the rural areas will be operational, from April 20, however under strict guidelines and rules. This includes the agricultural sector and small level unit manufacturing sectors like plumbing etc. 
  • All the goods and trafficking of the essential and non essential items/goods being operational from the highway will be allowed and operational. Small level ‘dhabas’ and repair shops can be allowed to function. 
  • Industries functional from outside the city limits and the townships can open and can be functional thus, following strict norms. 
  • Courier services, self employed plumbers, repairing mechanics and IT services can be operational.
  • Farming, transportation of agricultural goods can be done. Harvesting can also start to re function. 
  • MNREGA will be restarted, as the function would be operational for the workers and fares giving priority to irrigation and water conservation.
  • The IT sector and IT sector enabled services, would be functional, but only at a capacity of 50%. This would include the manufacturing of the hardware goods. 

What remains closed?

  • All the religious places and prevention of any sort of religious gathering.
  • Educational  institutions, to be remained closed, however online and distance teaching allowed.
  • Restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, motels, malls amongst others to be remain shut.
  • All the Airlines, Railways and other forms of travel and transportation to be remain closed.

In the wake of this pandemic, we as citizens, strongly abide by the rules and regulations and thus fight this deadly virus from further transmission.

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