Coronavirus: Threatening the biggest economies in the global scenario

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 11 2020

The global pandemic which spreads wide not only from where it originally originated from-Wuhan, China, now the pandemic has spread at a wider level now causing harsh threats to the major economies of the world. 

USA today has become the next hotspot for the spreading of this virus. Italy earlier had been said to given up, given the grave conditions of the country’s rapidly declining health conditions. Italy has recorded a rough one person death per 2.5 minutes, with Spain following behind slowly at every 2 minutes a person dying due to the virus. Taking a note of the situation, Italy is said to have the second best medical facilities in the world. However, leading the toll of deaths is USA, which has recorded a highest of per person dying every 50 seconds. As of now, the total number of deaths recorded by the USA ranging to 18,761 deaths and new 14 deaths have emerged as of now. The main reason if checked upon, can be rooted back to Americans not deploying the proper law enforcement, which was the need of the hour. Going under lockdown was initiated late by the President and hence resulted in the rapid spreading of the virus on a large level. Also, America’s decision to focus more upon the economic development rather than focusing on the current available human resources, has turned out to be fatal, as it is a matter of time when USA will have major number of deaths approaching. Spain too has reached an all time high having 161,852 number of existing and recorded cases, with 272 new deaths. 

The only thing which should be noted is that the economy has slowed down on a major level. There is no time restrain or any given point where it would be known how much time would the global economy take to rebound back to normal routine again. Let us currently abide by the rules and regulations and follow social distancing and pray all this is over. We express deepest condolences to all the deceased.

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