Coronavirus : Celebrities from all around the nation pledge to show solidarity.

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 9 2020

With new cases of COVID-19 increasing on a daily basis, it is very unlikely that the government will remove the imposition of the lockdown. Meanwhile lakhs of daily wage workers are losing their jobs rapidly due to the lockdown. As the world as a whole is on the verge of facing an economic crisis, owing to which people are tremendously scared of being unemployed. Taking data from the USA, where many people have been rendered unemployed due to this sudden outbreak of this global pandemic, India too is fearing an economic shutdown.

However, everybody, including the Bollywood celebrities are doing their bit in order to help the people mostly those who are at a higher risk of losing their lives and job. Prime minister Modi has created a PM relief care fund, wherein all the deposits made would be used extensively in order to help the underprivileged financially. Many of the Bollywood celebrities have step forward to show solidarity to curb this virus from destroying the economy. Vicky Kaushal has pledged a whopping amount of 1crore INR, to both PM CARE and Maharashtra Relief Fund. Sara Ali khan and Katrina Kaif took to the social media, in order to declare their donation to the national relief fund and the Maharashtra state funds as well. Bollywood’s power couple- Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, have pledged to donate on a global basis to UNICEF, and IAHV respectively. South Indian mega actor Rajnikanth has pledged to donate a wholesome amount of 50lakh, INR to the Film employees Federation, in a bid to provide monetary help to those two and three  tier workers. Actors Akshay Kumar and Varun Dhawan have done their bit by generously donating an amount of 25crore INR and 55lakh INR respectively. Shilpa Shetty Kundra has also contributed 21Lakh to the PM CARE relief fund. 

The domain of sports also isn’t lagging behind, as they are doing their bit in order to help those who are staggering the most due to a global economic crisis. PV Sindhu has donated 5Lakh INR to the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh relief state funds each. Famous cricketer Suresh Raina has donated 31 lakhs to PM CARE relief fund and 21 lakhs INR to UP CM relief funds. Bajrang Punia has pledged to donate his six months earning to Haryana Relief Fund. 

It is a visual treat to see all the mega superstars and affluent celebrities including sportsmen are coming together to help the nation recover. 

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