Church trying to start civil war in country, says union minister Giriraj Singh

Union Minister Giriraj Singh has lashed out at the Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto for his letter to all the churches in Delhi calling for prayers ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Giriraj Singh said such a letter from the Archbishop was aimed at triggering a civil war in the country.

“The church is trying to create a situation of civil war in the country. I will not take any step that disturbs the communal and social harmony prevailing in the country but if churches will make such an appeal to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi government does not return to power in 2019, people from the other (Hindu) community will also start doing kirtans and puja to support him,” said Giriraj Singh.

It may be mentioned that the Archbishop of Delhi through his letter has maintained that the political situation prevailing in the country was hostile and democracy as well as secularism was under threat in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls scheduled for next year.

Giriraj Singh said that there was a concerted effort being made in the country to break it into pieces. He said the church was part of the conspiracy of those who want a new government to take over after next year’s elections He urged the Hindu community to ponder over the situation and take adequate steps.

He alleged that the a “new culture” is developing in the country which wants to break it in pieces.

“A new culture is developing in the country to break it into pieces. The Church is part of the conspiracy for a new government and I think majority Hindus will have to think over this. The country will reject the idea of the church”, said the Union Minister.

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