Chinese Rooftop Daredevil Falls To His Death From 62-Storey Building In China

In a tragic accident, famous Chinese rooftop climber Wang Yongning died after falling from a 62-storey skyscraper in Changsha, China.

The daredevil, who was a master of base-jumping, was known for walking along rooftops, hanging from high-rise buildings, and even doing pushups on the side of skyscrapers. 

According to the news of his death became known only after his fans noticed that he hadn’t been active on Weibo for a month. 

Yongning had died on November 8 and his body was discovered a day later. He took a fall from the 62-storey Huayuan Hua Centre, one of the city’s tallest buildings, reported the South China Morning Post.

On the day he died, Yongning had published a video of himself hanging atop a skyscraper. He had over a million followers on Weibo and said in the past that his aim was to “challenge all skyscrapers in the world without protection.”

His untimely death came just after he accepted a roof-topping challenge with a $15,000 prize. His uncle told the South China Morning Post that he wanted the money as he was planning to propose to his girlfriend. He needed the money for his wedding as well as for the medical treatment of his sick mother.

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