Center Plans to Reopen Schools In Phased Manner And Zonal Wise In July

Report By Nandika Chand | Kashmir Srinagar | Last Updated at May 26 2020

Schools would be reopened in a phased manner and as per zones sometime in the month of July. Sources said the Center is planning to reopen schools in the green and orange zones for a start. This will only be for older students. Primary class (1 to 7) students will have to wait and continue with their studies at home.

According to reports students would be required to maintain social distancing norms and teachers would be trained to follow the guidelines. Teachers would be required to wear face masks and gloves. Schools will have thermal scanners installed as well as CCTV cameras to ensure that guidelines are being followed. Moreover, the school timing would be divided into two shifts to maintain social distance.

Ramesh Pokhriyal, the HRD Minister, in a webinar said UGC and NCERT are setting safety guidelines to reopen colleges, universities and schools respectively. He said the guidelines will vary. “If social distancing needs to be maintained in a classroom, and if only 30 per cent students are able to come, we need to see what steps need to be taken to bring in a proper system when schools reopen,” Pokhriyal said.

Furthermore, board exams would also resume from July, with CBSE and ICSE already having released date sheets for Class 10 and Class 12’s pending exams. As per reports, CBSE has increased the number of centers to ensure social distancing amid COVID-19. There will be no centers in red zones or containment zones.

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