CBSE Class 12 results to be declared at noon today

BENGALURU: CBSE Class 12 results will be announced on Saturday noon. The results will be available on websites, and
This year, 11,86,306 students took the board exams at 4,138 centres in India and 71 centres across the world. The exams were held between March 5 and April 13. Only the economics test was rescheduled on April 25 after it was cancelled due to reports of question paper leak.
The results can be accessed online through IVR, SMS and school websites. Microsoft has partnered with CBSE to display the results on And starting this year, it will also publish them on SMS Organizer.
The post-result counselling will begin on May 26 and continue till June 9 from 8am to 10pm for students and parents to overcome common psychological problems and general queries related to the results. Telecounselling is free of cost. Visit the website and access the facility by clicking the helpine icon.
Students can call toll-free number 1800 11 8804 for queries related to the results.

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