CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 exams from March 9 to April 29

NEW DELHI: Moving away from its tradition of holding the Board exams in the first week of March, the CBSE Board will conduct its Class 10 and 12 exams from March 9 to April 29 to avoid clashes with state poll dates. Five states are going to polls during this times and two polling dates are on March 4 and March 8.

In all, about 16,67,573 candidates from Central Board of Secondary Education have registered for the class 10 exams, up from 14,91,371 in 2016, while 10,98,420 candidates have registered for the class 12 exams, up from 10,65,179 in 2016.

This will be the last school-based exam for the class 10 candidates as from 2018 the CBSE has decided to do away with the dual system. There will be only one public exam for class 10 candidates from 2018. This year, of the 16,67,573 class 10 candidates, 7,82,863 candidates have opted for the school-based exam.

RK Chaturvedi, chairman, CBSE said that there will be no delay in the declaration of the results as “the board has adopted several IT initiatives which will aid in faster result processing.”

The class 10 exams will conclude on April 10, 2017, while the class 12 exams will conclude on April 29, 2017.

For class 12 candidates, the Board exams start with English, while the next major subject – Physics – has been scheduled on March 15. Last year, the mathematics paper was criticized by many and representations were made over the pattern of the paper. There were claims of paper leak as well, which the Board denied. However, the Board has decided to scale down the difficulty level of the paper this year.

According to CBSE sources, the paper had been redesigned in a way that it will now have 80 per cent ‘easy’ and ‘average’ difficulty level questions. New pattern will have eight two-mark questions. Earlier, the questions were of one, four and six marks. The mathematics paper is being scheduled for March 20.

Chemistry examination has been scheduled for March 25, while Accountancy and Economics are on March 29 and April 17 respectively.

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