Cam hacker asks techie to send $2,200 in bitcoins

BENGALURU: Be worried, very worried, it could well happen to you. A


claimed he’d used a techie’s webcam to record his private moments and blackmailed him.


(name changed on request), a


in a multinational software company on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, recently received an email which instructed him to transfer $2,200 through bitcoins or else his salacious videos would be uploaded online.

While it’s not sure if the hacker actually had the video clips, Rajesh was shocked that his webcam had been compromised. “I know your secret password,” read the opening sentence of the mail sent by the hacker whose handle is ‘Coy Lynch’ and mail id is ‘’.

“The hacker claimed he had placed malware on some porn sites I had visited and hacked into my camera and recorded me. The hacker claimed to have made a sex tape — the first part was about what I did and the second was about what I was watching. The blackmailer threatened to destroy me by sending the footage to all those on my contact list and family members if I do not I pay $ 2,200 in bitcoins.”

Rajesh said, “I checked whether my contact details or personal information was breached. I found that my personal account information was breached from nine sources, including three verified sources. I’m sure he doesn’t have any private video of mine but it’s possible to do it. This has been reported elsewhere. It’s happening here now — blackmail and extortion has started by compromising password.”

The email screenshot reads, “…you visited same sex website to have fun and when you got busy watching porn videos, your internet browser began working as RDP (

Remote Desktop Protocol

) with a key logger which provided me with accessibility to your device as well as your web cam controls. Right after that, the software programme collected your entire contacts from various platforms.”

Rajesh posted a copy of the mail on the Facebook page of Bengaluru police.

While cyber crime sleuths are yet to make headway in this case, they don’t rule out mind-games played by online fraudsters to extort money by claiming to have taken control of laptops or mobile phones using malware. Cops tell victims not to get scared and give into the conment.

Earlier, cyber crime police had received a complaint from another person stating that security systems in his gadgets had been compromised and his private moments had been recorded using software. Hackers had demanded $ 1,000 in bitcoins.

Malware menace

It’s possble to hack somebody’s data using malware and porn websites are the best place for criminals to place it. In some cases, we found that the hacker had sent screenshots of victims to con them. We have received many complaints over the past days. Earlier, people were targeted through lotteries and gifts but now, there’s awareness about them in India, said Vineet Kumar, cyber security expert and founder-president, Cyber Peace Foundation.

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