Butterfly Park in Bangalore

These days most kids lives are filled with one responsibility or activity after the other, from school to homework, sports and play dates. A simple budget trip can really easy way for you to surprise your kids and put a smile on their faces.

We all remember the beautiful memories from our childhood of playing and chasing behind the butterfly. It was a bliss! We can see them in day time in gardens and outside. But now a day’s it is very rare to see the species outside. Butterflies are so beautiful which are loved by kids. Butterfly park in Bangalore is a great place which is a must visit for you with your kids. We can see so many butterflies fluttering here and there near by you.
It’s really your kids will enjoy by seeing the butterflies and they will enjoy the surreal settings which include an artificial waterfall as well, making the park one of the most enjoyable place. The museum and audio visual show on butterflies takes you on s captivating journey back in time to trace the origin of butterflies.
The idea behind the park was to promote butterfly ecotourism. It is located near the Bannerghatta zoo in Bangalore. The park also a museum where one can understand about the lifestyle, stages of s butterfly. While taking to the TAT reporters the director of the. Bannerghatta National park Mr. Kushalappa had said that the butterfly park near the zoo is one of the most interesting place to visit with your family and especially with your kids. Every year the park has been visited by many visitors. Last year 16,00,000 visitors had visited the butterfly park this year they are expecting more than 20,00,000 visitors would be visit the butterfly park. Plan a surprising weekend trip to the butterfly park and entertain your kids and gave them a beautiful memories and happinesses for ever.
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