Burger King, the most popular fast food brand, recently confessed that they have been used horse meat so that the whoppers and the burgers are made.

However, this was not admitted in the past, since they denied these claims.
This fast food chain finally gave up pretending and apologized to the honest costumers about the test being wrong all the time.
The name of the firm which produced meat from horse, is Silvercrest.

The same company delivered meat to other companies like Asda, Co-op and Tesco. All substance which were supplied from the firm were banned before a year.
Burger King, for this information declared that they thought Silvercrest used only tiny percentage of beef banned for usage from a supplier in Poland, who promised that the meat will be 100 per cent Irish and British beef patties. They do not delivered the promised meat, therefore the fast food company ended the partnership, since this was against their rules.

There is a prove that the supplier who was not approved from Poland, has great impact in the contamination which was found out in the Silvercrest supplier

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