BS Yediyurappa meets Muslim MLAs seek association to hold Covid-19

Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 3 2020

Yediyurappa held a meeting with Muslim leaders and seeking association in containing Covid-19 in the state that was attended 4 of them have responded positively and assertive to extend full association in this attempt.

Nothing that MLAs have agreed to give details of those who visited jamaat and persuade them to go for test for Covid-19 and quarantine themselves, he said, “They informed that, they have conducted meetings with religious leaders of the community and created awareness about it.”

Observing that the leaders without exception agreed to the fact that prevention was the only way to contain the virus, CM said they will call and assure the community to unite with the health workers. Let all of  us strictly follow precautionary measure and win over coronavirus.

The Chief Minister’s meeting with Muslim leaders comes even as government was putting efforts to track people, who might have travelled after taking part in the conference at Nizamuddin in Delhi last month. Nearly 1,000 people from Karnataka, who are linked to Tablighi jamaat have been concealed and so far 10 men from Bidar and 1 women from Kalaburagi have tested positive.

Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan said the CM has requested us to appeal regarding Covid-19 tests. He stated that 11 people got tested in his constituency and all turned out to be negative. The authorities have made a list of those who had been to jamaat and are testing them. “By testing it is good for the individual and to the society,” he said.

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