Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 20 2020

Basically the chances of CM Yediyurappa relaxing the lockdown, the Karnataka government on Sunday extended the strict curbs till the midnight of April 21 instead of may 3- the initial date to end the lockdown.

The officials of government made sure to TOI that a decision has been taken to relax the norms of the lockdown. Relaxation of the lockdown was 1st announced and later pull back by the CM within hours on Saturday. The cabinet in meeting on Monday decided on relaxation of the lockdown normal.

“There is no specific reason why the severe lockdown was extended till April 21. There may be a need to review containment zones and safe zones at the cabinet meeting. An order will be issued to relax the lockdown on Monday or Tuesday.”

said the officials, adding the government wanted to asses the 24- hour impact of withdrawing the lockdown in other states starting from Monday.

With two groups in the cabinet making conflicting suggestions, it is said the CM is reportedly in favour of limited lifting of the lockdown at it tries to reduce economic losses.“ You cannot function in atmosphere of a lockdown longer than this. Our economy could collapse if the norms are not relaxed,” said a minister.

The order issued on Sunday asks all commissioners and senior bureaucrats to continue the strict conditions till the midnight of April 21.

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