Bride Dies During WeddingCeremony, Groom Made to Marry Her Sister!

Etawah: Despite the threat of Covid-19, the marriage season is in full swing, and wedding ceremonies are being held across India. In one such wedding that turned tragic yet bizarre, a young bride fell ill and collapsed during her wedding ceremony.

After exchanging garlands and other ceremonies, the couple was preparing for the final ceremony of ‘pheras’ when Surabhi suddenly fell unconscious.

In a dramatic twist, both the families then decided to solemnise the marriage between the groom and a sister of the dead bride. The incident took place two days ago in Samaspur in Bharthana in Etawah district.

It all happened when the couple was preparing for the final ceremony of ‘pheras’ after exchanging garlands and other ceremonies. Just then, the bride Surabhi suddenly fell unconscious beside Manjesh Kumar, the groom. A doctor was called in who declared her dead, saying she suffered a major cardiac arrest. Needless to say, the wedding festivities turned into mourning.

We did not know what to do in the situation. Both the families sat together and someone suggested that my younger sister Nisha should be married to the groom. The families discussed the matter and both agreed,”

Surabhi’s body was kept in another room and the marriage of Manjesh was solemnized with Nisha. After the wedding, when the ‘baraat’ left, Surabhi’s last rites were held,” he said.

Surabhi’s uncle Ajab Singh, said, “It was a tough call for our family. One daughter lay dead in one room and the wedding of another daughter was being solemnized in the other room. We have never witnessed such mixed emotions. The grief over her death and the happiness of the wedding has yet to sink in,” he said.

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