BMP Jawan shot himself and lady constable in Patna

Report By Sarah | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Sep 01 2020

Patna (Bureau): On Tuesday morning in Patna Campus of Bihar Military Police No. 1 Battalion a constable shot himself after shooting his colleague.
The violent event took place early in the morning around 7:30 AM on the premises of the armoury.
36-year-old Constable Amar Subba killed 28-year-old woman constable Varsha Tigga using his service rifle.

Both the Jawans were residents of Darjeeling in West Bengal. Both wore uniform, Police stated.
As per reports, both the deceased shared close proximity and in the preliminary investigation, the case is being revealed as a love affair. Amar entered the women’s barrack and shot Varsha first and then shot himself. The barracks and surroundings are sealed. When Amar entered the barrack, there were no other female police personnel there but usually approximate seven to eight women live in that room.
Earlier there were squabbles happening between Amar and Varsha, states officers
A senior BMP official told that the cause of this aggressive event is yet to be known. He suspects that Amar shot the woman twice on her back before shooting himself. The gunshots woke up everyone who later rushed to the spot.
According to the local police official, who is inspecting the case stated there were issues between the two. “We received a call and by that time everything had happened,” stated police official.
Patna’s senior superintendent of police Upendra Sharma said FSL team was transferred immediately to the spot to gather evidence and expedite the case. A case has been registered and investigation is on.
Unfortunately, totally 6 police suicides have occurred this year in Bihar.

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