Blind man smart stick. 

Vision is the most important part of human physiology as about 83% of information human being gets from the environment is via sight. In 2017 statistics by world health organization (WHO) estimates that there are about 36 million people who are blind. The most important drawback of these aids are necessary skills and training phase, the range of motion and very Little information conveyed. The Main objective is to help visually challange people to navigate with ease using advanced technology. In this technology controlled world, where people strive to live independently.

The blindman smart stick to helo the blind people to gain them personal independence. One can make use of it easily. Blind man smart stick is designed in such a way that it is integrated with ultrasonic sensor along with water sensing. The two pair of ultrasonic transceiver modules were arranged in a fashion to detect the obstacle in front, above and below the knee level using ultrasonic waves. If the obstacle is not that close then the circuit does not respond. If obstacle is close enough then the arduion uno sends a warning in both the forms of buzzer sound and vibration. It sounds differently for water sensing and alerts blind. The water sensor consists of two wire probes which rely on the specific resistance of water to sense its presence when there is a contact. To find the misplaced stick the blind person has to continuously press the button on the transmitter which is in the form of a remote and the buzzer in the Main stick starts feeling since blind people have the unique ability to follow the sound path and thus can acquire the stick.

The system is designed implemented, tested, and verified. The real time results of the system are encouraging. It is affordable and it may n considered for mass production for use of the visually impaired. It can be further improved to have More decision making capabilities by employing varied types of sensor and thus could be used for different applications. Thus our objective of eliminating the dependency of blind person is Successfully achieved.

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