BJP President backtracks on his own comments

Report By Shivani Baddi | Christ College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 14 2019

Kalaburagi: State BJP President BS Yeddyurappa backtracked his own statement stating that there would be a “positive atmosphere” for his party to form the government.

After the Lok Sabha elections announced on May 23rd, insisting that he never said the coalition government will fall or that he would become a chief minister.

On Sunday, he claimed that he knows almost 20 congress men which want to change to BJP and said that he’s sure his party will win the polls in Kundgol and Chirucholi.

“All I said was anything can happen to the coalition government given the internal hustle between coalition partners congress and JD(S)” Yeddyurappa said, barely 24 hours ago in Hubballi, Karnataka.

He also claims that it is Kumaraswamy who is fueling the spat between ah Vishwanath (JD(S) state president) and the former chief minister Siddaramaiah.

“Kumaraswamy has betrayed farmers by falsely promising to waive their loans. It has been one year now and not many farmers have benefited from the scheme” he says.

He later on adds that he will not allow the next legislative session to run if the government does not completely waive farm loans as promised.

Yeddyurappa has been repeating his statement that the coalition partners will not cross the double-digit mark in the Lok Sabha elections, and would bite the dust in Mandya, Tumkuru, Kolar and even Kalaburgi where Mallikarjun Kharge, congress leader in the Lok Sabha is contesting.

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