BJP Corporator Was Stabbed To Death

According to police, a former BJP corporator was stabbed to death in front of her home in Cottonpet, Bengaluru, on Thursday.

As per police officials, former corporator Rekha Kadiresh was hurried to Kempe Gowda Institute of Medical Sciences and could not be saved. The reason stated by the police behind the murder was stimulated by pre – existing antagonism.

The police said that Rekha was attacked by the two motorcycle-riding youths during the time she was distributing food kits. A manhunt has been launched to apprehend the accused
On February 7, 2018, her husband Kadiresh was stabbed to death by four armed men near the Muneshwara temple in Cottonpet. It was alleged that it was a matter of personal rivalry. While two of the suspects, Naveen and Vinay, have appeared in court, the other two remain at large. It looks to be a pre-planned murder, as per sources, because seven CCTV cameras situated in the area and outside the local BJP office were discovered to be moved away from the street. Peter and Stephen, who were previously incarcerated, were released on bond two months ago. The attackers later surrendered in front of a city court.

Meanwhile, Rekha fought hard to overcome her sadness following her husband’s murder, said ex-corporator Umesh Shetty. While expressing the situation he said the incident was shocking. It’s possible that her late husband had a rivalry with these individuals. However, he expressed his grief and is saddened to learn that these perpetrators have viciously attacked and killed her today. The two men accused of his husband’s death are suspected of plotting Rekha’s murder.

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