Bharat Bandh on Monday: All you need to know

The Congress party has called for a Bharat Bandh against the rising fuel prices.

When is Bharat Bandh?

The bandh will be observed across the country on September 10, between 9 am and 3 pm. Congress communication department head Randeep Surjewala said the timing of the bandh is such that “the common person is not inconvenienced”.

Why is the Opposition calling for bandh?
At a press conference on Sunday, Congress leader Ajay Maken said “Congress party has called for a nationwide ‘Bharat bandh’ against the continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices and the drop in rupee’s value against US dollar. The ‘bandh’ will be violence-free. We request all the businessmen to support us in this.”
“In last four years, excise duty has increased by 211.7 per cent on petrol and 443 per cent on diesel. In May 2014, excise duty on petrol was Rs 9.2, while now it is Rs 19.48. Similarly, on diesel excise duty was Rs 3.46 in May 2014, however, it is now Rs 15.33,” Maken added.

Who all are supporting the bandh?

According to reports, 21 political parties including DMK, NCP, RJD, JD(S) have extended their support. The Congress has also asked civil society groups and NGOs to join the nationwide protest.

Where will the bandh be observed?

The Bandh will be observed in Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, in West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress said it supports the issues raised by the Opposition but it is against the shutdown and the West Bengal government would take all measures to maintain the public utility services on Monday.

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