Bescom to charge ₹1.15 per unit as FPPCA in September bill

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) will charge Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment (FPPCA) of ₹1.15 per unit in the billing cycle of September due to recent revisions. The revised FPPCA has come down from ₹2.05 per unit in the August billing cycle, and will be applicable only for September.

However, for the beneficiaries of the Gruha Jyothi scheme, even the FPPCA charges will be covered by the Karnataka government. 

In June this year, the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) allowed Bescom to recover FPPCA of 51 paise per unit in the billing quarter from July to September, and 50 paise per unit in the billing quarter of October to December.

Along with this, in accordance with KERC provisions, Bescom computed FPPCA charges of 27 paise per unit for April, 9 paise per unit for June, and 28 paise per unit for July due to the variations in the fuel and power purchase costs. This has resulted in 115 paise (₹1.15) per unit FPPCA charges for consumers on their consumption in August, for which they will receive bills in September.

According to a source in Bescom, “For the bills that arrive in October, while FPPCA previously ordered by the KERC will remain, the additional costs will be modified according to the variations that occur in power purchase in September. It will mostly be lesser by 40 paise, as the thermal power stations are currently running well in Karnataka.”

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