Bengaluru: Woman commits suicide in apartment’s water tank; residents drink water for three days

Bengaluru: A woman committed suicide by drowning in a drinking water tank of an apartment in the Yelahanka suburb 4th Stage. The residents have been consuming the water for three days.

The deceased woman has been identified as Gouri Nagaraj, the police said.

Gouri lived in the apartment for several years but went missing on July 24. The worried family members had approached the Yelahanka Suburban police and checked with the relatives and friends if she was visiting them.

On Monday, Gouri’s body was apparently found in the tank where water was being collected for drinking and other use of the apartment residents. The police were informed of the matter.

The body was sent for a post mortem in a private hospital. A Covid-19 test was also conducted on the body.

More than 60 people live in the apartment, and they have been using the water in the tank for the last three days.

Death looks like an act of suicide on the outset, but the matter is being investigated, said a senior police officer.

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