Bengaluru under complete lockdown from 8 pm on July 14 to 5 am on July 22

Bengaluru, July 11: With surge in Coronavirus cases, the Karnataka government has announced a week-long lockdown in Bengaluru city from July 14. Bengaluru amounts to 15,329 infections of the state’s 33,418 COVID-19 positive cases.

B S Yediyurappa

Complete lockdown in Bengaluru Urban and Rural districts from 8 pm on 14th July to 5 am on 22nd July in view rising COVID19 cases, a statement from Karnataka Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said.

However, essential services as well as scheduled exams will be allowed in the city and its neighbouring rural districts.

“Hospitals, groceries, fruit, vegetable and grocery shops will remain open and the medical and post-graduate exams scheduled will be held,” the state government’s release stated.

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, meanwhile, went under home quarantine on Friday, while his office-cum-residence in Bengaluru was sealed after some of the staff there tested positive for coronavirus.

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