Bengaluru Uber driver assaults woman and son for entering wrong cab

The incident came to light after Ajay Agarwal, the woman’s husband, posted about the incident on social media.

An Uber cab driver allegedly assaulted a woman and her son inside an apartment complex in Bengaluru Wednesday after they mistakenly got into the wrong cab. According to the police, they registered a complaint after the incident took place in front of the apartment complex in Bhoganahalli under Bellandur police limits.

The matter came to light after Ajay Agarwal, the woman’s husband, posted about the incident on social media. According to Agarwal, his wife had booked an Uber cab to go to the Manipal Hospital for their son’s medical appointment. He said the cab, which was being driven by Basavaraj, arrived at their house at about 11.05 am.

“… As soon as my family got in and before any movement they realised they had entered the wrong cab and immediately notified the driver. My son came out but the driver started to shout and accelerated the car, while my wife was still stepping out. He further came out aggressively and attacked my wife (by continuously hitting her on the head). My son, who came to rescue, was also assaulted,” Agarwal wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “The driver continued his rampage as the neighbors came to help. When the police were dialled, the driver got in his car and tried to flee, but he was stopped at the main security gate of our campus. We have duly filed a police complaint and trust that justice will prevail,” he said.

“Uber, with the latest tech and your stated focus on security we could not reach you. Please desist from showing any concern and promise to investigate it. As a loyal and long term customer of Uber for sure expected better compliance and governance,” he added.

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