Bengaluru : The inspector of cyber crime police, colleagues booked for blackmailing money from suspect in Kerala

A team from Whitefield cyber crime police station had gone to Kerala to investigate a case of job fraud, based on a complaint by Chandaka Srikanth who claimed to have lost ₹26 lakh.Inspector Shivaprakash, attached to Whitefield cyber crime police station, and three of his colleagues have been booked for allegedly demanding ₹3 lakh from a suspect in a job racket fraud in Kochi (Kerala) when they went to arrest the accused on July 31.

On June 14, the Whitefield cyber crime police had registered a case of job fraud, based on a complaint by Chandaka Srikanth who claimed to have lost ₹26 lakh.During the course of investigation, police found that ₹10,000 was transferred to the bank account of a person named Issac, who is from Madikeri in Kodagudistrict of Karnataka.

On being questioned, he claimed that the account was opened at the behest of a person named Rajesh, who, in turn, claimed that he was told to do so by two persons named Pares and Nishanth from Kerala.The police found that the racket was being run by Naushad of Mannapuram in Kerala.

Armed with the information, on July 31, Inspector Shivaprakash, Head Constables Vijaykumar and Shivani, and Constable Sandesh left for Kerala in search of Naushad. They picked up Naushad at Vengarain Kerala on August 1. Based on information given by him, they picked up two more suspects — Nikhil and Akhil — from Ernakulam, and informed the jurisdictional police about the arrests.

On August 2, the Kochi police called Shivaprakash and his colleagues to the police station claiming that they had demanded ₹3 lakh from Akhil, and that the cash was found in his car. Akhil had informed a lawyer, about the alleged demand for money, and he had complained to the Kochi police.

Kochi police have registered an extortion case against CEN Police Inspector Shivaprakash and his colleagues, a senior police officer in Whitefield division said.

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