I was in a relationship with her, claims accused

A 40-year-old housekeeping staff, working at a hospital in SR Nagar, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 22-year-old colleague. The incident is said to have happened last Sunday and the victim filed a complaint three days later. The accused, identified as Ramanji, was arrested from the hospital on Thursday morning.

According to police, Ramanji had been working as a housekeeping supervisor for the last 18 months and the victim joined his team just 45 days ago. The alleged rape reportedly happened in room 407 of the fourth floor in Tower 1. After his arrest, Ramanji told police that he had sexual relationship with her consent.

“The accused is said to have asked the victim to clean room 407 which has two beds for patients and a toilet. On the pretext of supervising her work, the accused is alleged to have raped the victim in the empty room. However, there are still doubts over the rape allegation due to the delay in the complaint. We have also spoken to the hospital management and learnt that housekeeping was outsourced and neither the accused nor the victim is employed by them,” said an officer part of the investigations.

The agency, which employs the accused, told police that the supervisor had no previous complaints against him. However, the victim claimed that she had been raped and she had to discuss with her husband before filing the complaint, hence the delay.

Doubts persist

“If at all the accused had raped the victim, he should have escaped or the latter would have definitely cried for help as the alleged rape happened on the hospital premises. The accused was regularly reporting for work. Both the victim and the accused have been subjected to medical examination. After the accused’s arrest, he told the police he the physical relationship was not by force, but on mutual consent,” the officer said.

The police ruled out the hospital’s negligence as the victim had not complained it to anybody in the hospital or to her employer. The SR Nagar police registered a case of rape under Section 376 against the supervisor and is further investigating.

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