A young woman raised pro-Pakistan slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at a protest rally, attended by AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and National Registry of Citizens (NRC) at Freedom Park in Bengaluru on Thursday evening.
The woman, identified by the police as Amulya Leona, was stopped mid-way by Owaisi himself, who was the first to stop her from raising the slogans. As it was a protest rally, many speakers walked on to the stage and spoke about the inconveniences the Act brings and the effects of it on the citizens. Amulya got on the stage and requested for a mike stating she wanted to speak something.
As she got the mike, she started shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ which shocked the people including Owaisi on the dias. There were senior police officials too on the stage. A group of organisers then tried to snatch the mike from her, but she hysterically kept shouting the same. She was soon bundled down the stage and the police have taken her for interrogation.
Additional Commissioner (West Zone) Soumendu Mukherji said the girl has been taken for interrogation and after she is interrogated action will be taken against her according to law.
Later, a case was registered under section 124A – sedition of the Indian Penal Code against Amulya. The police will continue to interrogate her, and will produce her before a court later on Friday.
Case registered under Sec124A (Offence of sedition) of the Indian Penal Code against Amulya, the woman who raised ‘Pakistan zindabad’ slogan at anti-CAA rally in Bengaluru today. Police to interrogate her. She will be produced before a court after her interrogation.
Owaisi has distanced himself from the incident stating he does not endorse such acts. “We are proud Indians and we will continue to remain proud. Now, the BJP will blame me for this and allege I was behind it,” he added. Another organiser said the girl was not among the invitees who were invited on to the stage for the event. Former prime minister and JDS Supremo HD Devegowda was also scheduled to participate in the event, but did not.
Police sources say, this is not the first time Amulya has been detained. She was earlier detained in a Anti-CAA and NRC protest held by students at the Government Arts College in Halasuru Gate police jurisdiction recently, they recalled.

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