Bengaluru :Son kills man in Bengaluru for being close to mother

Ravi, a resident of the Uple village near Honnavarin Uttara Kannada district, was a cousin of the PG accommodation owner.

A 24 -year-old man allegedly stabbed his mother’s coworker Friday in Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar area over the man’s proximity to her.

According to the police, Rahul, the son of Padmavathi, a resident of Gopalapura, killed Ravi Bhandari, 44, who lived in Rajajinagar 6th block and worked as a cook at a paying guest (PG) accommodation. Padmavathi also worked at the same establishment.

The police said Rahul and his fiancee are absconding after the crime.

A police officer said Rahul called Ravi at 3.30 pm on Friday, requesting a meeting at his house. Ravi left after informing Suresh Bhandari, the owner of PG, about Rahul’s invitation.

Later in the evening, Rahul called his sister and told her he had killed Ravi. His sister informed Padmavathi, who, along with Bhandari, rushed to Rahul’s house. When they reached the house, they found the door locked from the outside. 

After they managed to enter the house, they discovered a blood-soaked knife near the hall window, and Ravi’s body lying on the bedroom floor, having sustained four wounds on his chest and abdomen.

According to the police, Rahul’s family is from the state’s Kalaburagi district, and his father passed away due to health issues one and a half years ago. He was also associated with the same PG.

Ravi, a resident of the Uple village near Honnavarin Uttara Kannada district, was a cousin of the PG accommodation owner. 

A police officer said Ravi was an alcoholic and had separated from his wife after a marital dispute. Ravi had recently joined the PG, and within a few days, he reportedly developed a close bond with Padmavathi, added the officer.

The Magadi Road police have registered a case of murder and are probing the crime.

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