Bengaluru: Pub employee, 30, uses mobile to film woman in toilet, arrested

BENGALURU: A 30-year-old housekeeping staffer with a pub on McGrath Road, Ashoknagar, was arrested for allegedly taking a video of a woman customer who was using the pub toilet on the night of January 24.

Budhhikant Debanath of Odisha, who worked with

Arbor Brewing Company

, has been sent to Central Prison. In his confession statement, Debanath, who joined the pub three months ago, said he saw the woman entering the loo and filmed her using his mobile phone. “He must have deleted the video since we didn’t find it in his phone,” a police officer said.

The woman, a 34-year-old private company employee, visited the pub with friends on January 24.

“I went to the toilet at 11.30pm. For some reason, I looked up and saw a hand holding a mobile phone and recording my actions. I realised what was going on and shouted for help. I heard heavy footsteps, indicating the miscreant was trying to escape. By then, another woman, who was standing near the loo, screamed on seeing the man. She told me he was wearing the pub’s uniform,” her complaint read.

Woman’s plaint ignored?

The pub manager allegedly ignored the woman when she narrated the incident. “By then, we identified the man. When questioned, he confessed and apologised. We requested the management to share CCTV footage that showed the suspect running from the washroom. But the management refused. The management and other officials showed disrespect to me,” the woman claimed.

We don’t tolerate indiscipline: Pub

Reacting to the incident, the Arbor Brewing Company management said: “We take full responsibility for the safety and protection of all our guests, and more so, women. We have zero tolerance for any employee indiscipline and misbehaviour on our premises and are cooperating to ensure that appropriate action can be taken. We are also strengthening our internal processes and supervision to ensure such an incident is not repeated.”

The pub confirmed the errant employee had been sacked and handed over to the authorities

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