Bengaluru: Police bust drugs smuggling racket; 43 kg Ganja seized, six including woman arrested

Bengaluru: CCB Police on Tuesday busted drug trafficking racket and arrested six people including a woman and seized 43 kg of Ganja drugs estimated to be of worth Rs. 23 lac, in two operationshere in the state’s capital.

The first operation was carried under the limits of Indira Nagar Police Station on Tuesday. The arrested accused have been identified as Kavita (23), Dhanurajya (25), Matyaraju (26). The second operation was carried under Mico Layout Police Station limits where Subbareddy (42), Gaurav (22) and Mohammed Ammar Shamshad (25) were arrested by the police.

Police officials clarified that the accused were illegally smuggling drugs in the city from Vishakhapatnam in bus and were peddling in the city.

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