Bengaluru: Metro station mystery man a commoner, was shocked to see his face on TV

Bengaluru, : The mysterious man in Bengaluru’s Majestic Metro station, who put the entire city in a tizzy, has been identified as Riyas Ahmed, a watch repairer who resides in Nayandahalli.

DCP west Ravi D Channannavar told reporters that Riyas approached Upparpet police station and filed a complaint, after he was shocked to see his face on TV and people calling him a ‘terrorist’.

“Riyas who owns a watch repair shop in Majestic bus stand’s subway said that he travels by metro everyday and did the same on May 6. However, when security guards asked him to lift his kurta, he was uncomfortable to do so in front of people,” said the DCP.

“The 49-year-old in his complaint claimed mental harassment, and alleged that even people in his neighbourhood were looking at him in suspicion,” he added.

The Upparpet police are probing as to how the video was leaked to the media.

The police had earlier said that a person tried to re-enter the metro station through the east entrance. However, now they have confirmed it was not Riyas but another man, whom they are trying to trace.

Earlier on Wednesday, Bengaluru police commissioner T Suneel Kumar had conducted a press meet and requested people to not fall prey to fake news and panic unnecessarily.

He had said that the mysterious person was only asked to stay back as he was carrying money. He dismissed messages that the person was carrying a gun and offered Rs 1 crore to enter the station as mere rumours.

“The police have formed teams to track down the person. Meanwhile, people should not panic believing ‘terror attack’ rumours spread on social media and whatsapp,” he said.

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