Bengaluru man stops ISRO scientist’s car, kicks it before riding away .

An Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientist has shared the video of a man who stopped his car in the middle of an underpass and also kicked it. The ISRO scientist, identified as Ashish Lamba, said he was going to his office when the incident happened.

The ISRO scientist also mentioned in his tweet that the man was rashly driving his scooter on the HAL underpass and was without a helmet. In the video, the man is seen coming in front of the ISRO scientist’s car and kicking it, before riding away hurriedly. Ashish Lamba also said that the man had come in front of his car while riding his scooter.

In a tweet, Ashish Lamba said, “@blrcitytraffic @CPBlr @BlrCityPolice Yesterday during going to ISRO office,Near to newly constructed HAL underpass, a person on scooty (KA03KM8826) without helmet was driving recklessly and coming in front of our car suddenly and so We had to apply sudden brake.”

ISRO has recently been in the news for landing its Moon mission, Chandrayaan-3, on the South Pole of the lunar surface. No country has ever explored the South Pole of the Moon, making India the first ever in the world to take on the mission. With the Chandrayaan-3 landing on the Moon, India has also become the fourth after the US, China, and Russia to have successfully landed on the lunar surface.

On Tuesday, the Pragyan Rover confirmed the presence of Sulphur on the lunar surface. ISRO said that the Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) instrument onboard the Pragyan Rover unambiguously confirmed the presence of Sulphur (S) on the lunar surface near the south pole.

Not just Sulphur, the Pragyan rover has also detected the presence of Aluminium, Calcium, Ferrous (Iron), Chromium, Titanium, Manganese, Silicon and Oxygen, the space agency said. “Search for hydrogen is underway,” ISRO said.

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