Bengaluru: Man admitted in manipal hospital swallows nail-cutter, forgets for 8 years, gets it removed

The doctors of Manipal hospital, who took an X-ray after a 38-year-old man complained of abdomen pain, were surprised to see an object. They were stunned when he revealed that he had swollen the nail cutter eight years ago and forgot about it.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Ramesh Kumar (name changed on request) said, “When I was 30, my parents had put me into a rehabilitation centre for alcoholism, where I could not endure the torture. In anger, I swallowed the nail-cutter and informed the centre staff. They asked me to eat a couple of bananas and it would come out during motion. I assumed that it had gone out… I remembered it when only doctors questioned me about swallowing any object”

After Ramesh came out of the rehabilitation centre, he led a normal life. 

“For all these years, I did not tell my parents or sisters assuming they would scold me. Even after marriage I did not inform my wife as there was no pain and I just forgot about it,” said Ramesh.

Dr. Lohith U, Consultant for Surgical gastroenterology, Bariatric, and GI Oncology at Manipal hospital said, “this was one the rarest cases that I have come across. It is a regular size nail cutter that adults use… Since the patient had undergone two abdomen surgeries previously, there were multiple adhesions in his gastrointestinal tract, which could have been one reason that favoured the lodgment of the nail cutter in the intestine… The procedure was carried out with great precision.”

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