Bengaluru: firm’s CEO killed ex employee with sword

On Tuesday In Bengaluru a terrifying murder in the broad daylight.. The managing director and chief executive officer of a private firm were allegedly killed in a terrifying double murder in broad daylight.

The managing director MD and chief executive officer CEO of a tech company in Bengaluru where murdered on Tuesday according to the police reported the main accused who allegedly stabbed the MD and the CEO used to work in their previous company.

Victims Mahindra subramanian and Vinu Kumar where the MD and CEO of aeronics internet company respectively the firm deals with providing Internet services the duo was killed by the suspect identified as Felix near amrutha halli in Bengaluru in broad daylight

Preliminary investigation reveals that the suspect allegedly held a deep grudge against parindra who had voiced strong opposition to his industry practices.

Today around 4 pm the suspect gained entry into the aeronicsoffice carrying a sword and a knife . He stabbed phanindrasunbramanya and Vinu Kumar and ran away

The dcp of north east Bengaluru Laxmi Prasad said that the accused was accompanied by two more people and all three are on the run “ we have identified one accused and are trying to find two of his associates

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