Bengaluru: Engineer hits excavator on NICE Road, dies

BENGALURU: A 23-year-old mechanical engineer died after his bike collided with an excavator at the exit point of Sompura toll plaza near Talaghattapura on NICE Road on Saturday morning.

The victim is Rakshith Gowda, a resident of Nagasandra near Peenya, north Bengaluru. Police said the accident took place at 9.30am when Rakshith was heading to Talaghattapura to meet friends.

  1. He lost control of the bike and hit the excavator which was coming from the wrong direction. Rakshith sustained severe injuries and was rushed to nearby

    Sairam hospital, where he died at 1.10pm. Rakshith had a diploma in mechanical engineering and was working with a private firm.

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