Bengaluru cops arrest two Bengaluru-based DJs; seized Rs 5 lakh worth MDMA

Two Bengaluru-based DJs were arrested on Monday following a joint investigation by the Anti-Narcotic Cell of the Goa Police and the Bengaluru Police’s Central Crime Branch, which have claimed to have busted a “well laid out drug distribution network” in multiple states including Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.

A statement issued by the Goa police on Monday said, that the DJ’s Mohammed Fayiz (27) and Rashid (29) were arrested from Bengaluru by a joint team of officials and LSD sheets and MDMA worth Rs. 5 lakh were allegedly seized from them. Both Fayid and Rashid hail from Kerala, but were based in Bengaluru and were known to conduct “high profile rave parties”, according to the statement issued by the Goa Police.

Upon interrogation by the Central Crime Branch of Bangalore, the two accused revealed that they used to pose as sound mixers and DJs in parties and night clubs and supplied party drugs like LSD and MDMA,” the statement said.

Goa Police said, that the duo were working in tandem with a former Turkish military commando Murat Tas (47), who was previously arrested in February this year in the beach village of Arambol in North Goa, in possession of MDMA worth Rs. 71 lakh.

“The duo were in touch with Turkish commando Murat Tas who was part of their gang for luring in tourists visiting Goa, especially foreigners,” the statement also said.

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