Bengaluru civic agency elect 32 urban wards as covid-19

Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 16 2020

Bangalore with 71 positive covid-19 cases being reported and 3 deaths, the city’s civic agency has declared 32 urban wards as covid-19 cases. Bangalore tops the list with71 positive cases so far, followed by mysuru where 58 cases have been reported.

Kalaburagi district is also among the spot with 17 positive cases including 3 deaths. These 32 wards of BBMP have been completely secure and huge health check-up in advance has been taken up in these areas, Bengaluru Mayor M Gautham Kumar said on Thursday.

“we are carrying out door-to-door check up in 3 kilometres radius where the patients have been found. We have made complex array for the supply of essential commodities at the doorsteps of people live in there,” Kumar said.

“we are not letting people to wander out in groups in these 32 wards. Involved security arrangements have been made to prevent people from defy the regulations,” he said.

According to a Palike official, out of 11 BBMP zones, positive cases have been reported in 10 zones. Among them the highest positive case has been reported in BBMP south zone with17 cases, followed by East zone with 16 cases and West zone with 11 cases.

The medical provision in Bangalore have been upgraded to unrivalled level, the official said, adding that this has resulted in complete recovery of 35 patients so far.

We are still asking the fully recovered patients to stay home quarantine so that there should not be any distant chance of covid-19 present in their body and transfer it to their family members,” he said.

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