Bengaluru: biker with 40 traffic cases got caught police makes him clear all the dues on cases

The Bengaluru Traffic Police on Saturday caught a person who had 40 pending cases on his two-wheeler. The cops made him pay the fine of ₹12,000 which had been pending for a while and shared an image of him on social media. The man was caught near Thallaghatta police limits. The police found out the long pending history against him and made him pay a fine on the spot. On X, the traffic police wrote, “Total 40 pending cases clear ₹12000.”

The picture is being widely shared on social media and received mixed responses after the violator posed with his long traffic challan. An X user wrote, “Is he feeling so proud to have achieved that number?”

A few other users said that the driver’s licence of the person must be cancelled for repeated offences. While a user wrote, “With due respect … collection of fines is not really your job…unless you think it is. Should you not recommend to the RTO to cancel his driving licence with immediate effect? Perhaps he needs counselling. Otherwise, you will post another photo with him next year too,” another user said, “And yet there is no regret on his face. BTP should really up their game of putting hefty fines and as regularly as possible. People should be scared to commit the mistake.”

A user named Sandhya also questioned whether the picture was put with his consent. She wrote, “Public humiliation is a good thing in some cases. Why wasn’t his DL revoked way before 49? Did he consent for this picture to be on Twitter? I assure you there are better ways to do this.”

The Bengaluru Traffic Police recently introduced an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) in the city to detect traffic violations and issue challans to the violators. The AI system will detect violations of the speed limit, jumping the signal, riding without a helmet, triple riding and using mobile phones while driving.

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