Bengaluru: Ajmera group treads Ambidant style of scandal – dupes people

Bengaluru, Nov 18: It is learnt that following in the footsteps of Ambidant Company, a concern named Ajmera group had collected hundreds of crores of rupees within three months of opening its office by promising high returns to depositors, before closing down its office.

On Saturday November 17, hundreds of customers of the company assembled in front of the city central branch (CCB) police office, and held protest, demanding their money back.

Although it has been about eight months since the company closed its shutters, no official case has been registered against it so far. But a few, who were taken for a ride, had met additional police commissioner (crime), Alok Kumar, and complained to him about the fact that they were taken for a ride. It is said that CCB did not immediately take up the case as it is busy with Ambidant investigation.

Those cheated by the company expressed anger at the fact that although several arrests were made in connection with Ambidant, no one connected with Ajmera has been held so far. As per information, Ajmera promoters had promised to double the investors’ money within five months. It is said that the company operated two schemes, one in which people investing for three months got 13 percent per annum interest whereas those who opted for five months term were promised to get back double the amount of their investment.

“Two persons, Tabreiz and Dastagir, had opened this company during November 2017 on a small scale. Information about high returns offered by the company spread by word of mouth, as a result of which people made a beeline to deposit money. It opened an office in Jayanagar. As the due date for refunding the deposit drew nearer, the company closed office without a trace,” an investor explained.

One of the investors, Yousuf, who has lost three lac rupees, said that when he demanded money, he was threatened with the help of ruffians and then offered to pay back 20 percent of amount deposited.” Even thereafter, they got white paper signed and sent back without paying anything. The police at Jayanagar and Tilak Nagar stations refused to entertain my complaint. Then we met additional commissioner, Alok Kumar,” he stated.

Another investor, Muzammil, said that Ajmera is now being touted as a charitable trust and those who floated the company are touring foreign countries.

The police have now taken the case seriously and entrusted it to CCB assistant commissioner of police, Subramani, it is gathered.

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