BCI: Failure to furnish details to Bar Association, Advocate to be treated as Non- Practicing by the BCI

Bar Council of India issues a letter to all Bar Associations & Advocates for furnishing their details and it is considered mandatory, failure to comply with it an Advocate will be considered as non-practicing Advocate by the Bar Council of India.   

The Bar Council of India in its letter stated that “the Bar Associations shall be required to collect by WhatsApp, and email preferably, all such data of all practicing Advocates who are members of their respective Bar Associations and thereafter once the data is collected, all such data, shall be required to be cross-checked to ensure the same is per the required format (provided below). Individual Advocates are requested not to send individual emails to BCI. They have to submit their details to the respective Bar Associations of which they are members and for convenience and ease, the entire list shall be required to be sent by/through the Bar Associations to BCI in word/excel format at bci.scinfo@gmail.com as per the following format.”

This format is to be e filled up by every practicing Advocate of the country and submitted to the Bar Association/s of which they are members preferably, by email/WhatsApp.

  1.  S. No.
  2. Enrolment Number of Advocate in State Bar Council with the year of enrolment
  3. Certificate of Practise details, issued after clearance of AIBE, wherever applicable
  4. Name of Advocate (to be printed in short on cause list)
  5. Full name of Advocate
  6.  Name of Advocate in Local Language
  7.  Date of Birth of Advocate
  8. Gender of Advocate M-Male, F-Female, T-Transgender
  9. Address of Advocate
  10.  Address of Advocate in Local Language
  11.  Email of Advocate
  12.  Mobile number of Advocate
  13.  Whatsapp (if any)
  14.  Phone number of Advocate
  15.  Fax Number
  16.  Office Address of Advocate where he/she practices
  17.  Pin Code
  18.  District
  19.  Taluka
  20.  Office Address of Advocate in local language
  21. Type of Advocate, (Individual-1, Firm-2, Company-3)
  22.  If Firm or Company, Registration No. in BCI All the Bar Associations of the country are requested and directed to furnish the aforementioned details of all the Advocates registered with them within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this letter from the office of BCI. This is to be treated as the most urgent

The Bar Council of India has resolved to make the submission of the duly filled up format to be mandatory. If any Advocate fails to furnish the same to his respective Bar Association and the Bar Association to BCI, such Advocate shall be treated as a Non-Practicing Advocate by the Council.

Bar Council further stated that “the aforementioned measures have to be taken for proper and effective communication between the Bar Council of India, the State Bar Councils and all the members of the legal fraternity on any or every important issue (like the present one). The office will also try to find out whether, apart from creating WhatsApp group/s, any other method, means of communication, like the Telegram app is feasible and viable. If that be so, the Bar Council of India will take steps and issue necessary directions to the respective State Bar Councils and the Bar Associations to create/join such app, method means of communication.”

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