Bar Council Of TN & Puducherry Imposes Rs.10,000 On New Lawyers For Putting Up Hoardings

The Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry has reportedly imposed costs of Rs. 10,000 each on 11 lawyers for erecting huge digital banners and hoardings marking their enrolment, in violation of Bar Council rules. As per report, the decision was taken by the council’s special committee comprising Senior Advocate R. Singaravelan and Advocate N Chandrasekharan. “They have affixed big poster as if they have served this country or serving the needy like Dr Jayachandran of Vyasarpadi, in and around the high court and throughout the state, creating a sense of fear and confusion on the minds of the common people.
lt is very painful to note that even before the commencement of their profession they have behaved in such a manner creating ugly atmosphere,” the committee was quoted as saying.
The lawyers have been directed to appear before the committee, tender an apology and pay costs of Rs. 10,000. Their enrolment has been decided to be kept in abeyance till such conditions are fulfilled by them.
The committee has also warned newly enrolled lawyers against over the top celebrations for their enrolment, stating, “The enrolled advocates should not burst crackers and beat drums or cause mental as well as the physical threats as if someone has passed away. Everyone knows that the enrolment is a holy ceremony and not a funeral ceremony.”

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