Report By Lahari Yadav Jyotinivas College Student| Edited By Noor Zahira Mount Carmel College Student| Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 09 2019

On Monday, a passenger was caught by the beep red alert while passing the door frame metal detector at the Kempegowda Metro Station and he escaped because he was asked to show the belt like device under his shirt.After that incident there was a high alert in all the metro stations. They strictly started checking all the bags as well as body using hand held metal detectors.

“The security in metro station is on high alert and we are putting all our efforts to make sure that there is complete security”, said B.L.Yeshwanth Chavan, chief public relations officer of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited(BMRCL). An official said, that the number of guards at bus station have also been increased, as there is no compound wall, we have 32 CCTV cameras recording the movements of everyone in the place. There are also guards in every corner to watch the people.

When asked about the gaps in CCTV camera,” the corporation was scanning for suspicious passengers and checked some random bags , the corporation has also applied for Central Government to input more cameras. We will soon give clarity on the issue once its approved”, said Anupam Agarwal, head of security in BMTC.

Asked about the culprit, Deputy Commissioner of Police,Ravi D Channannavar visited the Kempegowda Metro Station on Monday night and Tuesday morning to check the security. It’s true that a man escaped when he was asked to show what he was wearing under his belt,when the door frame metal detector beeped. We have CCTV footage and proofs to identify the culprit but it’s not enough to identify the culprit and three teams are also appointed for identifying him but we have no information till now about the culprit.

Since we don’t want to take any chance,we are taking serious actions about the matter,he added. Channannavar also requested people not to give or spread any kind of fake or false news which would lead to unwanted fear and disturb the environment.

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