Bangalore to host India’s Largest Exclusive SI-UK University Education Fair

Report By Umme Sarah | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 11 2019

Study In-United Kingdom, a recruitment agency is a leading global UK university that is hosting the United Kingdom’s Education Fair at Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bangalore on 19th May 2019.

United Kingdom universities require committed and driven students who can build upon the excellent infrastructure and world-class facilities they offer. Bangalore offers the most qualified and dedicated young student crowd.

The Fair is a unique opportunity for students to talk directly with representatives, admission officers, and professors from a large number of UK universities. In addition, there will also be SI-UK education consultants available to answer specific questions about the application procedure, admissions, IELTS requirements. Students gain information on various study options.

This event attracts universities from all over the UK and is of great value to any student interested in studying in any part of the UK. Universities will be visiting from all parts of England, Wales, and Scotland.
The entry fee for this education fair is free. The fair starts from 11:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. The best part of this fair is its time-friendly as you can come and go whenever it suits your schedule & you may return as much as you want to.

This fair includes 62 UK universities who are confirmed on their arrival. Each institution will bring their respective supply of prospectus, application forms, and other materials to the exhibition, which are also free.
Various scholarships will be granted to the students.

To ensure that the student is eligible to take advantage of on-the-spot offers and scholarship opportunities available at the UK University Fair, they recommend you to bring the following documents like Education transcripts, Professional History (CV/resume), IELTS/TOEFL scores (if applicable), Copy of passport/visa(if available), Personal Statement and reference letters. For the students interested in art and design courses, they recommend you to bring a portfolio of your work.
Registration can be done online for free of cost as well by providing your basic details, so hurry!!
Follow the below link to register ABOUT THEM:
SI-UK is a company founded and owned by British nationals.

This was established in Shinjuku, Tokyo and successfully placed thousands of students from Japan into UK universities and colleges. Since founded in 2003, SI-UK has grown to 28 global offices in 17 different countries. Its philosophy is to maintain British standards and quality.

Currently, the directors are Dwayne Gallagher, Orion Judge, Vicki Fox.

SI-UK enjoys over 400 visits a year from UK university admission officers, academics and international officers. No matter which level of higher education you wish to study, they have the support team and a service to suit you, as over 25 global offices help support thousands of students who are applying to study in the UK.

Their strong belief is that Indian students should have access to trusted, expert advice about UK universities and courses.

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