Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at March 31 2020

The lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 has put repeated offenders and criminals out of action, Bengaluru police say citing data that point to a fall in most categories of crime.

Chain snatching, mugging, vehicle theft and robbery are repeated domain, but these crimes have seriously immerse in past weeks, police officers say. While 24 incidents of chain snatching were reported in march 2019, the number was only 5 till march 26 this year.

The authority of this station lie across outer ring road, areas around which very often targeted by chain snatchers. But the lockdown has dissuade them.

Vehicle theft too, have reduced from 432 in march 2019 to to 249 in the 26 days of this month. Upparpet police staff said: “we have reported 3 cases of vehicle theft in last week. Maybe this is the first time that few number of cases have been reported.

Upparpet police say they reported 15 cases of theft in every month from majestic bus. But this time we reported 7 cases in last week of march.

But there has been a small rise in attempt-to-murder cases. A police officer said with the lockdown forcing people to stay at home, old hostility could be surfacing and there’s and enough time to settle.

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