Auto rickshaw driver assaulted IAF wing commander; Bangalore police on the lookout

Report By Shivani Baddi | Christ College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 14 2019

Bengaluru: In an apparent case of road rage, Indian Air Force wing commander was allegedly assaulted by an auto rickshaw driver and two others in Indiranagar, east Bengaluru. Investigation has began based on the FIR filed by the Officer.

This incident took place on the 4th of May on 100 feet Indiranagar road. The FIR was filed on the 6th of May, by the wing commander VS Rao (65) after discussing his case with his senior officials.

VS Rao, a resident of Air Force Officers Enclave in CV Raman Nagar, was assaulted by an auto driver at around 5:30 pm on May 4th. The driver stopped VS Rao’s car and abused the Air Force Officer saying that Rao was driving in a rash manner on the road, and this led to a quarrel, resulting in the auto rickshaw driver assaulting VS Rao.

There were reportedly two people in the auto at the time of this incident aged between 20-25 who also abused Rao. He was travelling with his wife while the incident took place.

The police said that they’ve traced the auto registration number through the CCTV footage and sent it to RTO (Regional Transport Office) for verification.

“We will soon arrest the suspect” says Senior Officer from the Indiranagar Police Station.

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