A tale of Raja to Auto Raja :Standing as Hope for Many Homeless.
A tale of Raja to Auto Raja :Standing as Hope for Many Homeless.

As a son of a telephone linesman T. Raja never knew parental love and took to stealing, drinking and gambling early in life. He ran away from home and lived on the streets for two years. He slept on the streets near garbage bins and rabid dogs that constantly pined around him day and night. His life was meaningless and he was just another destitute wandering aimlessly on the streets of Bangalore.

Unable to bear the life of such anguish, Raja decided to start working to support his basic needs. “I drove autokishaws for sometime and then taxi’s and was struggling to make ends meet.” he said. “I also worked as a body guard and then as a hit man in the auto union.”During this phase of Raja’s life, he felt a constant struggle in his heart for answers about his life.

Then, a friend of Raja helped him realize that there was more to life. That life itself is a blessing to those who use it for the service of others.“I decided then that I would dedicate my life to helping the dying and destitute people on the streets. My decision was strongly supported by my religious principles and my family.” Mr. Raja told TAT Reporters.

New Ark Mission of India (The beginning):
The New Ark Mission of India was started by T. Raja in the year 1997 and ever since Raja has committed his life to helping the destitute and dying from the streets. He is also privileged to have the help from his family. His wife and his three children also share his vision and offer him their full support.

“Whenever I approach the destitutes, passers–by and even the people I intend to rescue are surprised. Passers–by suspect me of luring these people into hospitals and stealing their organs. On the other hand, the destitutes themselves are taken aback at me holding them because they have never been approached by anyone before. In fact, they are only used to people stoning them or abusing them. Some of them are so weak that they can barely move their limbs, while others who just manage to move need to battle with the street dogs to feed themselves from the leftover in thrash bins. Most of them rejected by their families are living the most inhuman lives and with their bodies covered with sores. When I come across such people, I bring them to our Home of Hope.”

All that Raja could do then (in 1997 when NAMI was first started) was to pick them from the street in his auto and bring them to his home. With minimal help from others, he would bathe and shave them and clean up their wounds. They would then be dressed afresh and fed. Thus, the New Ark Mission in the year 1997 was started in a 5’ by 6 feet passage outside Raja’s tiny single room house. Since then, the New Ark Mission of India has been remarkably dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the deserted and the dying people from the streets. The Home of Hope is where the future of the homeless lies. Raja started this home with compassion and faith as his only investment.

Answering to TAT Reporters,

How did your name change from Raja to Auto Raja ?

Raja says as my name is T Raja where my name was actually published by media people calling me Auto Raja as I was driving auto in the beginning of the journey

An important thing we noticed everyone calls you “Daddy “why ?

He says “Daddy “ yes everyone calls me daddy because I m dad for them and they all are my children as he cracks on a point saying even my wife also call me daddy while talking to TAT Reporters.

What about your next planning ?

Auto Raja proudly says as he is starting his new mission that is “New mission .”paradise for the destitute “

HOW MANY members are there in your New ark Mission?

He says here only ladies stay as there are 750 ladies…and there are 2 more homes run by myself says Auto Raja..

What about your family ?

As he says we are 5 members one son,two daughters,myself and my wife as another interesting thing he says that his family stays together in the New ark mission which is the orphanage in kothanur.

What about the medicines who sponsor you .and what about the financial help ?

As he says that we have some regular sponsors .and some private company sponsor .he adds on that this mission runs mainly by donation….

What is your view from raja to auto raja ?

Raja to auto raja is my life changing point …me being an sinner from priest this is my life .. he adds that I live for them and I will serve for them till my death…..says Raja ..

Any help from the government?

As raja says actually we expect from government but now no one are stepping in.but in earlier at the time of CM Kumaraswamy he gave me land…….but some private sectors help us ..

How much will cost your per month for them ?

He adds on saying that our monthly spending are 10 lakhs as I am constructing an new mission that is “paradise for the destitute .

What I do is god work and I am just an instrument in his mission says Auto Raja who have rescued over 10 000 beggars and destitute from the streets of Bengaluru in the past 20 years Raja rented a house and started a house and started off with 13 intimates which later grew into the New ark Mission of India at the doddagubbui village.

My Nation my people it’s my responsibility please come and join hands with us we will make a difference in their lives ……..

Home that gifts hope to the hopeless who exits but not live can very well be the motto be the motto of the home …

Auto Raja dreams of rescuing more men and women now he has space for women ,children ,and men’s separately at least a thousand should be housed that is his desire .This will mean that more kind hearted and caring people should join hands and support this program !

Could you pledge to become partner with auto raja and him team to reach out and touch the lives of these destitute street people ?

As they are looking for doctors,nurse ,social workers,teachers,and all who have a heart to serve ….

Contact :T raja :9900120100

Female wing :080 28445509

Male wing :080 28465899

Reported by: Nalini & Keertana M.

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