All three incidents took place in Jayanagar Fourth Block; the gang targets people in isolated areas

At  least three incidents reported since Thursday; police have no leads yet

Pedestrians and cab hailers beware: a gang of four is on the prowl in Jayanagar. This gang targets people alighting from or waiting for cabs, taking a walk or passing through an isolated area. Since Thursday, the gang has struck thrice and the police have been unable in catching the members.

The police have very sketchy information about the gang – the four members are in the age bracket of 22-25; they move around on scooters and carry daggers which they use to threaten people. The Jayanagar police have asked the general public to inform them of any suspicious person in their area.

Dayananda Chukka, a private firm employee, became the gang’s first target on Thursday. He was waiting for his friends around 7 am 36th Cross, 10 A Main, Jayanagar Fourth Block. Three-four men riding a Honda Activa accosted him and asked him to hand over his valuables. When Chukka refused, the men beat him to the ground and snatched his mobile phone after threatening him with a knife. Chukka tried to raise an alarm, but the place was quite deserted and the men managed to escape.

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In the second incident, Gourish Mestha, a resident of Marenahalli in Jayanagar Fourth Block, was returning home when he was attacked by a gang of four muggers. The police are not sure if it was the same gang that attacked Chukka. Mestha told the police that he was returning home in his office cab around 1.30 am since he works in a software company. He got down at Marenahalli signal and was walking towards his house when the four men on two scooters intercepted him and demanded that he hand over cash and other valuables. When Mestha tried to escape, one of the gang members pulled out a dagger and threatened him; they snatched his laptop and two mobile phones.

The police said that there was another incident but the victim hasn’t filed a complaint yet. This man was also targeted when he was in Jayanagar Fourth Block but is seems he managed to escape without being robbed of his cell phone.

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