Atiq Ahmed killed while being taken for medical test in UP’s Prayagraj, killer caught on cam

Atiq Ahmad was killed on Saturday on the day the last rites of his son Asad Ahmad, killed in an encounter, were performed.

politician Atiq Ahmad whose son Asad was killed in an encounter on Thursday was shot dead in Prayagraj on Saturday. According to the reports, the firing took place inside MLN Medical College premises where they were being taken for medical examination in Prayagraj. As more details are emerging about the incident, news agency PTI reported that two-three people opened fire on them. On Saturday, the last rites of Atiq Ahmad’s son Asad Ahamd were performed and Atiq was not present.

The killing was caught live on television channels as Atiq and Ashraf were about to speak to the media. Sounds of indiscriminate fire were heard as Atiq and Ashraf collapsed on the ground.

The three attackers identified as Sunny, Lovelesh and Arun have been arrested.

Atiq and Ashraf on Saturday were being questioned by the Uttar Pradesh Police at the Dhoomanganj police station.

Atique Ahmed
Former Member of the Lok Sabha

The attackers were chanting Jai Shri Ram and immediately after they killed Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf, they were apprehended by the police. The firing took place when Atiq and Ashraf were surrounded by cops. The shots were fired from a very close range and multiple bullets were fired.

Cops on the spot said the attackers have not been interrogated yet and cops will speak only after their interrogation.

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