Arvind Kejriwal slapped during a roadshow in Delhi 

Report By Annu Kumari | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 06 2019

Delhi chief minister Arvindh Kejriwal was slapped during this roadshow in Moti Nagar area in Delhi on Saturday.
Mr Kejriwal ( THE AAM ADMI PARTY )Chief was in a open jeep during this inncident canvassing in net Delhi constituency where a man jumped up and attacked on him.
He was identified as 33 year old named( Suresh ) a spare part dealer .
The AAP was blamed for the BJP attack.
Also added the source that the only way to take on Arvindh Kejriwal is by doing a physical assault.
Since the incident , the man was pulled off the vehicle by AAP supporters of Kejriwal , also was rescued by police .
The spare part dealer is as a AAP supporter the Delhi police said an enquiry by DCP – level officer has been ordered to enquire as to how this person was allowed to be in the reception or proximate group.
Suresh it the dischanted due to behaviour of the AAP leader.
This anger intensified due to distrust of the party in the armed forces , well a first information report has been filed against Suresh where he was wearing a cap ( which he took off and scarf of AAP which was in reception group of CM .
Everyone thought him as a member of AAP party He was standing near the front right tyre of the gypsy He took of his scarf climbed the bonnet and attempted assault to CM.
Well this is not the first time happend with AAP party Last year also a man outside the office of Arvindh Kejriwal swooped down to touch his feet got up and forcefully smeared chilli powder in his eyes the incident happend in the capital city itself at the most protected building of Delhi .

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